Episode 25

EP - 25 - Wait, there's something called Body Neutrality?

Hello, my love buckets, and welcome to a brand new episode.  

We have reached 25 episodes, and I would like to thank you all for supporting Beauty Unlocked since the beginning.  

We've talked about the Body Positive Movement, Saggy boobs matter movement, and the Love Your Lines campaign, but have you heard of body neutrality?

Body positivity transformed from a radical idea to a movement, and with that came some incredible strides for acceptance. But, for some, body positivity can lead to outcomes that are the opposite of its intended effect: There's an argument that the overly commercialized version of the movement can also lead to more, sometimes accidental, body scrutiny.  Cue Body Neutrality.  

Tune in as we break down what body neutrality is, the mental health perks of adopting this mindset, and how to practice body neutrality. 

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