Episode 26

Published on:

28th Aug 2020

EP - 26 - Cellulite Isn't Real.

Welcome friends to a brand new episode! 

In this week's episode, we talk about the modern invention of cellulite.  Yes, you read that right.  What you might consider a flaw and unsightly imperfection isn't real.  

Tune in to find out how the word cellulite came to be and who invented this "problem" that many of us wish would go away!





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Beauty Unlocked the podcast
Buckle up and get ready as I delve into a variety of topics regarding physical beauty.

We'll take a look at our society's obsession with physical beauty and the consequences these impossible beauty standards have had on us.
Let's face it; this fascination regarding physical beauty and body image isn't a recent phenomenon; it has been around for centuries, crossing borders, and has affected men and women alike.
The realization of this podcast has come about by my own experiences having to deal with society's perverse notion of physical "perfection" and researching an array of topics that have intrigued me over the years.
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Beauty Unlocked The Podcast aims to educate and bring awareness of our society's obsession with physical beauty and the emotional consequences these impossible beauty standards have. Beauty Unlocked's social media platform showcases not only my work but that of other artists, illustrators, and fellow podcasters that I admire and that share a similar message of inspiration, empowerment, positivity, and raising awareness on a variety of social issues.