Episode 56

EP - 56 - #intellectuallytwerking with Althea Branton pt. 1

Welcome, friends!

We've been away for far too long, but Beauty Unlocked is back and coming in hot with this epic two-parter featuring Althea Branton! Get ready for this wild ride because there's no holding back. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and let's dive right into this two-parter!

It was an honor to have Althea on Beauty Unlocked, and we hope she'll be back very soon. Oh! And you can thank her for this fantastic episode title!

Althea Branton (she/her) is a Skincare Designer. Her eponymous skincare line is for queer & trans people of the global majority who are tired of staring the beauty industry in the face and not seeing a reflection that looks like their own (token stock photos notwithstanding).

Althea's product designs are purposefully intended to cleanse and nourish functioning skin. She believes that skincare encompasses the entire body and not just the face.

When Althea isn't dismantling Eurocentric beauty standards, she loves to watch musicals, play soccer with her mic-drop child and eat all sorts of chocolate.


Follow Althea on Instagram: @althea.branton

Website (it's not up yet, but it will be soon): www.altheabranton.com


Episode Edited By: muhammadimran14



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